• How medical marijuana growers make sure they're selling quality pot April 24, 2014
    The recent voluntary recall of medical marijuana from a B.C. producer highlights the growing pains of a burgeoning industry coming to grips with a whole new regulatory process. […]
  • Greg Weston: If Supreme Court nixes Senate reform, is referendum next? April 24, 2014
    Unless the Supreme Court is in a mood to deliver shock and awe on Friday, history and a legion of experts suggest the noble cause of Senate reform will probably continue down the same long, futile road that has challenged its proponents almost since Confederation. […]
  • Why didn't Revenue Canada act sooner to counter the Heartbleed bug? April 24, 2014
    Even with the arrest last week of an alleged culprit in the theft of the private data of about 900 Canadians, the taxman is still unwilling or unable to say why it didn't act faster to prevent an attack on its web servers that exploited the Heartbleed software bug. Was ignorance, a failure to act or braggadocio to blame? […]
  • 6.6 magnitude quake strikes off B.C. coast April 24, 2014
    A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck Wednesday night shortly aftter 8 p.m. PT. The epicentre was located 40 kilometres southwest of Port Alice, according to the Pacific Tsunami Information Centre. […]
  • Good Samaritan gives shoes off his feet to bus passenger April 24, 2014
    An off duty Coast Mountain bus driver says it was a bus ride he'll never forget after he saw a stranger give the shoes off his feet to a passenger who had none last Saturday. […]


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على الايميل الموقع للتحميل الصور لنا


ملاحظة : عند ارسال الصور لنا ارجو منكم ارسال ايضا الاسم صاحب الصور ومكان الاقامة والمناسبة لكي يتم تسمية الالبوم مع الشكر الجزيل لكم …